What is the best Eyelash Extension Cleanser?

There comes a time in a #lashlovers life that we finally give in and realize the importance of proper lash cleansing. We have gotten to the point that we need to take responsibility. Let’s call it #lashingup. Taking our lash care to the next level. We realize that our lash artist’s WANT us to have the longest possible retention rates. Your artist’s need you to have the easiest and best application process (it ain’t easy y’all), and most beautiful set of lashes around. Just hear me out.

How many lashlovers do you know that actually have a product to cleanse their lash extensions every day with a safe, recommended product that not only enhances the look of your lashes (no one wants to see clumpy messy caterpillars) but prolongs your retention rate? As an artist, we know the answer… probably not that many because they either 1. Forget. 2. claim they don’t have time or 3. don’t know what to use. We fear number 3 the most. Using no lash cleanser is just as bad as using the wrong cleanser (ie; Oil based makeup removers or cleansers). Using a lash cleanser is the first thing any good artist will do before a new set or fill. When we use a lash cleansing brush and our foaming Lash Bath to cleanse your lash extensions we can easily remove the day to day build up that you might have missed. Let me just say, that your artist can tell when you’ve missed this important step as soon as we start our sessions. We have heard horror stories of how lashes got infected, the removal of debris from the lashes that gets stuck between the extension and the lid, and removed the worst of the worst and had to start ALL over with a new set. It not only cost clients time, but ultimately money when they don’t take the time to cleanser properly.

Have no fear! Here at Bombbeautyboss ™, we have personally tried multiple products and methods to clean our lashes and decided on our favorite recommendation. Let us just say, the product that requires you to put your eye in a mini chemical flushing basin (reminded me of high school chemistry, the eyewash bath and pull station) was incredibly messy and uncomfortable. Thankfully, we have some connections to our good friends at Architects & Fairies. We were able to try @LashBath and we have been using it ever since. No need to force flush your product out of your eye (I know right?!) and a great add on to provide as retail for your clients and your lashing business. Here’s what we do with our @Lashbath. First, it’s safe to use on the most sensitive of lash lines which earns it a super bonus 5* from us. We cleanse every client’s lashes with it and have had raving reviews. Even the clients who haven’t worn mascara or makeup for 24 hours see evidence of removing makeup that they thought was washed off prior to their appointments. The best part about the product (other than offering private branding for lash artists) is that they are vegan and made right here in the USA. There are tons of products on the market right now that don’t know the biz like the Architects & Fairies do. We’ve even seen some artists recommend mixing baking soda and baby shampoo with water to cleanse lashes (which we don’t recommend). I have to say, we really lucked out at Bombbeautyboss™ by having such a wonderful friend (Hey Marie-Pierre and Lindsay ;)) whom is not only a lash supplier, but active within the industry and offering such an amazing product opportunity to all lash artists and lashlovers.

As a lash artist, we want to make sure that you have the best experience while you’re spending your time with us and after you leave us. We want to protect our work, keep our clients happy, and make sure the best routines are recommended for each individual. Thanks for hearing us out and make sure you drop a comment about your experience with lash cleansers below. Also, feel free to check out the amazing opportunities that Architechts & Fairies has for your lashing business.

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