What is Microblading?

Essentially, Microblading is the hottest trend right now. It’s a way to have perfect brows that are 100% on point (Yes! We mean that perfect #browarch and #tailperfection). It is a semi-permenant application done by a licensed professional that utilizes the art of depositing pigment into the skin by using very fine needles. Microblading in the traditional way uses individual strokes to imitate the appearance of hair growth. By following the natural curvature of the brow and growth patterns of the hair you can achieve a natural enhancement. Microblading is recommended to those that wish to make the brows look fuller, darker, and more conformed. In order to perform Microblading in the state of Florida, you have to be a registered and licensed tattoo artist. Because Microblading is the process of depositing ink through tiny incisions and cuts in the skin it is classified as a form of tattooing and held to professional tattooing standards and regulations. So, if you wanted to think of microblading as a semi-permenant tattoo, we wouldn’t be mad.

Is Microblading right for you?

So, what is the microblading process and is it right for you? Who should you trust to make a semi-permenant makeup application to your best feature..your face?! It sounds scary at first, however microblading is safe when you’re working with the right artist. Which is why we tare taking the time to apprentice and train with one of the best artists in the Tampa Bay, Fl area. Here’s what should happen when you work with us at Bombeautyboss™ . When you arrive at your consultation you will be working with a professionally trained artist and the actual owner (Hi everyone, it’s me.. Athena 😉 ). Your artist will sit you down to review your dermatologic history, your goals for your brows, and determine which procedure recommend for you. There are many factors taken into consideration,such as lifestyle, skin type, and personal style preference. We have to be honest, microblading is not for everyone and we are not going to tell you that it is. For example, there are certain medical conditions that we would not recommend microblading procedures for. There are also medications that can damage the skin temporarily and disqualify you as a candidate. Be weary of any artist that does not do a complete consultation and that can’t explain the process thoroughly and be honest with your artist. Your artist will then review aftercare necessities and care procedures before and after your procedure to ensure that you are comfortable with your decision and commitment to taking care of your new brows. There will be some paperwork of course (New client registration, personal information, after care instructions, and a release for services that is required by the state). We will then get you comfortable and begin the mapping process. This is the most important stage (IMO) because this is where we will map out your desired shape, thickness, symmetry, and make adjustments so that your brows are #perfection. This part of the process takes about 20-30 minutes depending on what look you’re going for (Instagram, Fierce, Boho.. So much to choose from!) and we will not move to the next step until you are 100% satisfied. After we have determined the most flattering shape and style, we will get ready for your procedure. A topical numbing agent is applied for the most comfort and most clients feel mild discomfort during the process.

How to Prepare for your appointment

It would be helpful to bring photos of what you like so we can make sure we have a reference for your style preference. At First, be aware that a topical certified numbing agent will be applied so that you are comfortable throughout your procedure. Because let’s face it… This is a cosmetic procedure and let’s just be honest with ourselves about that. If you’re not mentally prepared then you should wait until you’re ready. Once, we begin the process of depositing the selected color and pigments we do not recommend stopping the procedure until both eyebrows are complete, other than an emergency of course. So, allow yourself a 1.5-2 hour timeframe to complete your session. Other than that, you can RELAX!

After your session

After both eyebrows have been complete you will be given the proper aftercare instructions and recommendations to make sure you heal the fastest and most healthy way possible. We will then schedule your touch up (A touch up is included with every Microblading service at no charge) 4-6 weeks from the time of your original appointment. We want to make sure that you are completely healed before we do any touch ups. Bomblashboss™ has been working in the spa and hospitality industry for the past 7 years so you better believe that you will receive a follow up call to check in on how you’re healing up. We want to not only provide you with the best Microblading, but the best customer service too. We hope that this information helped you to understand the Microblading process and we hope you choose to book with us.

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